PA-LA-VRA | 2007


Fernanda Groeataers

Miguel Nóbrega

My contributions


Product Design

Legibility tests

Syllable research


Inclusive 3D word game designed to practice linguistic skills in older adults, while providing a ludic and inclusive activity for the whole family.

The objective of the game is to create words by joining the syllables found on the tetrahedral pieces, forming a three-dimensional structure. The pieces are joined together by magnets.

The colors indicate difficulty levels and they can multiply the player's scores. The choice of typography and colors were made through legibility tests under low vision circumstances (low light, blurry vision, near and far).

In order to ascertain the syllables used and each of the difficulty levels, research was conducted measuring the incidence in which each of the syllables were found in a Portuguese dictionary.

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Digital language learning game for deaf and hearing children

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3D Maze to develop spacial reasoning, fine and gross motor skills.