SIG | 2009


Graduation project


Roberto Verschleisser

Digital game integrating deaf and hearing children.

An aid to communication and language learning.

Each player has a control with a screen. Each color represents a different language. When the child passes the control over a piece of the board, it shows an object represented on the language of that piece's color.

The game's objective is to combine one word represented in 4 languages: written, visual, sign language and lip reading.

Each piece has an infra-red LED that identifies it. The connectors between the pieces transmit the necessary energy to feed the LEDs.

This product can also be made using RFID tags.

The board pieces can be displayed by the players, as they wish, allowing the board to change at each set. The number of pieces used in a game can be controlled according to the difficulty level desired.

The board pieces can be stacked when stored.

Each piece has 1 male and 3 female connectors, allowing them to be connected in any position.

The game base serves as a control charger and a processing base. It also allows new games to be uploaded, using a USB drive.

Players can choose to play collaboratively or competitively
When a player chooses an object, it appears as resolved on the screens of his team.
Any time during the game, players may see what object they need to find and the objects found by their team-mates.
When all the objects are chosen, the game shows players if they are all correct or if there is something wrong.

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