Human Body Exhibit | 2009


Márcia Brandão Alves

Hannah Lua Hertz Cunha

Mariana Falcão

Letícia Baião

Renan Cardoso

My contributions


Expo structure

Product Design

Interaction Design

Development of interactive modules

Permanent exhibit created at MBA Cultural for the Museu de Ciência e Vida (Museum of Science and Life).

Development of displays and interactive objects to explain how the human body works.

What are bones made of?

Bones made of different materials, comparing resistance and weight.

Bone structure

Different structures to show the resistance of our bone structure.

Body Levers

Several simplified mechanical levers showing how our body distributes its weights and forces and why each lever is located where it is.


A hand's tendons translated into levers, strings and springs, showing the different resulting movements.

Paired muscles

Two levers show how our muscles contract or relax to allow our arms to move.

Body joints

A comparison of our body's joints to different mechanical simplified joints.

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