creat-e | 2006

Microsoft Research Design Expo

Presented at the Faculty Summit

Microsoft's headquarters | Redmond, WA


Márcio Racca

Miguel Nóbrega

Pedro Thiago Silva


Elianne Jobim

Noni Geiger

Andy Cargile (Microsoft liaison)

My contributions


User Research

Interaction Design

Product Design


Project developed during a partnership between ESDI and Microsoft. The project was selected to represent ESDI and be presented at the Microsoft Faculty Summit 2007 (Seattle, USA).

We developed a digital play dough and pen to stimulate children's creativity.

The shapes and movements are transmitted to the screen. The child can create shapes, drawings and animations.

Research results

In urban Brazil, most schools work in a part-time schedule, leaving kids with a lot of unsupervised free time and not many places where they can go to enjoy it, due to the high crime rates.

Most kids end up spending most of their time cooped up at home with TV sets, video games and computers.

We wanted to give them the opportunity to work on their creativity and motor skills in an unstructured environment, also allowing them to connect with friends through our platform, creating new worlds together.


The digital play dough captures the shapes and movements in real time.

The platform also captures sounds and has a recording function, so they can tell and replay their stories anytime.


With the digital pen, the child can draw on any surface, creating a background for their imagination.


In the same room or remotely, children can come together to play, share and create new stories.

Demo fest

Project being presented at the Demo fest, as part of the Design Expo, along with Microsoft's new products and technologies.


Project presentation during the Microsoft Faculty Summit 2007.

The original video can be seen at Microsoft's website.
(Visible only on Internet Explorer)

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