E-stoires | 2008

ENSCI - Les Atéliers

Paris, France

Conceptual project for EDF (Electricité de France)


Jean-Louis Fréchin


Raphaëlle Tantot



Interaction Design

Graphic Design

Product Design

Academic project developed during an internship at ENSCI in a partnership with EDF.

Allows the users to view their consumption, interact with objects around the house and program scenarios of use, using magnets and touch to interact with the screen.

Switching and dimming

The switch and the dimmer magnets can switch things on and off, as well as dim temperature and lights.

The screen communicates with intelligent plugs and switches through an X-10 protocol, using the house's existing electrical installation to transmit information.

Visualizing your energy

The devices that consume or generate energy are mapped, showing how much energy each of them are consuming or generating.

The values can be visualized in Watts or in Euros and the viewed interval can be regulated.

The devices are represented by colors: lights are yellow, heaters are red, electronic devices are blue and energy generators are green.

Programming scenarios

The user can program scenarios, saving the desired actions.

The actions are saved while they are being executed.

The magnifying glass magnets can capture the objects and use them on the programming area. The user just needs to combine them with the action magnets in order to record an action.

The pentagon magnets can be used by more experienced users as conditional operators.

The last magnet saves and triggers the scenarios. The user puts the magnet on the screen and rotates it until he finds the desired scenario in order to trigger it.

Standy | passive visualization

When in standby mode, the screen shows an animation where the devices that consume the most fall to the bottom of the screen, showing the user in an intuitive way which devices are less efficient.

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